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Posted by vp19 on 2013.10.15 at 08:08
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carole lombard no more orchids 12b

We’re talkin’ blogathons today, which is why we lead off with an image from 1932’s “No More Orchids,” Carole Lombard’s second film for Columbia. I have just agreed to participate in one…

2013 what a character blogathon banner 00a

…and my subject will be none other but the man you see with Carole and Lyle Talbot — Walter Connolly. The “What A Character!” blogathon has not one, not two, butthree hosts: “Once Upon A Screen” (, “Outspoken & Freckled” ( and “Paula’s Cinema Club” (

Truth be told, I got in rather late in the game, as this particular blogathon was announced a month ago…and while 41 notable character actors (including such favorites as Pert Kelton, Frank McHugh, Una Merkel and Nat Pendleton) had been chosen as topics, Connolly — who perhaps is associated with Lombard more than any other character actor, as he appeared in several of her movies — wasn’t among them. I’m delighted he wasn’t selected, because he should make a fine subject. But you’ll have to wait until Nov. 10 to see what I write about him.

Before that comes around, though, I’ve got a blogathon of my own to host — and I’m doing it all by myself:

the great silent recasting 2013 harold lloyd 00

There’s still time to get on board. Here are the ground rules: Choose a movie made from the mid-’60s onward, then re-imagine it as a silent film, made in silent times with silent-era actors and a director, as well as a studio and year of release (1929 at the latest). Additionally, if an actor or actress appeared in a silent, even in bit parts, he or she is eligible as long as the fictional fllm is made at a time when he or she was actually working. (So you can’t cast Rudolph Valentino in a movie made after 1926, since he died that year.) We’ll also assume studios can loan out personnel at will (e.g., you can ship Harold Lloyd, above, to Fox or Clara Bow to First National).

Have an idea? Leave it in the comments here (also choose a day you wish to have it appear), and we’ll take it from there.

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