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carole lombard the campus vamp 02e

Look who’s pulling up — it’s Carole Lombard as “The Campus Vamp,” title subject of the 1928 Mack Sennett two-reeler, and she wants to take you over to the Capitol Theater in Rome, N.Y., for Capitolfest 11. It begins at noon today, and Lombard’s this year’s star. “Vamp,” the first film of Carole’s on the schedule, runs at 7 tonight, followed by another ’28 silent, the feature “Show Folks” at 7:20…

carole lombard show folks 06a

…and a restored 35mm Technicolor print of 1937’s “Nothing Sacred” at 8:55:

carole lombard nothing sacred blu-ray 00a

Saturday’s schedule has but one Lombard film, the 1933 horse race saga “From Hell To Heaven” at 9:30 a.m.:

carole lombard from hell to heaven 05 sidney blackmer

Sunday has the ’28 Sennett short “The Bicycle Flirt” at 11:25 a.m. …

carole lombard the bicycle flirt 01d

…the 1931 short “The Voice Of Hollywood” at 2:10 p.m., showing Carole with recent husband William Powell…

carole lombard william powell 100731 wiltern theatre opening 01

…and finally, “It Pays To Advertise” at 2:30:

carole lombard it pays to advertise 13a

There will be all sorts of other goodies, too, silents and early talkies (quite a few of them rarities). To find out more, go to It’s definitely worth checking out if you live in upstate New York or are vacationing there this weekend (Cooperstown, N.Y., isn’t far from Rome). Carole would love to see you there.

capitolfest 2013a

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