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carole lombard the bicycle flirt 00d

A lot of people love silent films, such as the Mack Sennett short “The Bicycle Flirt,” which Carole Lombard appeared in. And last year, a lot of people loved a blogathon called “The Great Recasting,” where movies from the mid-1960s on were re-imagined as classic Hollywood vehicles, and I was among those who participated (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/530851.html):

the great recasting 00a

Now, suppose you blended the two above concepts; what would you get? It might be something like this, courtesy of the blog “Movies Silently”:

silent take the dark knight 00
silent take the princess bride 00

Yep, “The Dark Knight” circa 1926, or “The Princess Bride” in 1928 (directed by Ernst Lubitsch, no less!). In other words, recasting films from recent decades as silents. For the classic movie blogosphere, this could be as potent as a sharknado.

Therefore, I am delighted to announce that three months from now, “Carole & Co.” will host its second blogathon…”The Great Silent Recasting,” scheduled from Nov. 1 to 4. (Initially, this was to be co-sponsored with Movies Silently, but unfortunately Fritzi Kramer, that site’s coordinator (http://moviessilently.com) was unable to participate, so I’ll handle it all myself.

Here’s how it will go: It will be similar to last year’s “The Great Recasting,” in that you select a film from 1965 onward (“The Artist” and Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie” are off-limits for obvious reasons), then re-imagine it with silent-era actors and a director, as well as a studio and year of release. If you want to create posters similar to those above, fine, but it’s not a prerequisite. I’ve arbitrarily set the silent cut-off year as 1929.

Will I be doing one with Lombard? Of course. So what if she never starred in a silent feature — in this alternate universe, she can, since she actually appeared in silents. If an actor or actress appeared in a silent, even in bit parts, he or she is eligible as long as the fictional fllm is made at a time when he or she was actually working. (In other words, if you want to cast Jean Harlow in a silent, it has to be made in ’28 or ’29.) We’ll also assume studios can loan out personnel at will, so if you want to ship John Gilbert to First National or Fox, fine.)

To get you in the mood, I’ve designed some posters which you can copy (and resize) at will, beginning with Carole from “Run, Girl, Run”:

carole lombard the great silent recasting 2013a

Now, here’s Colleen Moore…

the great silent recasting 2013 colleen moore 00

…followed by Harold Lloyd from my favorite feature of his, 1924’s “Girl Shy”…

the great silent recasting 2013 harold lloyd 00

…the wonderful (and oft-overlooked) Constance Talmadge…

the great silent recasting 2013 constance talmadge 00

…and finally Buster Keaton from “The Cameraman” — and yes, this was shot at the original Yankee Stadium:

the great silent recasting 2013 buster keaton 00

Interested in participating, or want to learn more? Leave a comment below.

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