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carole lombard made for each other 25a
tcm summer under the stars 01a

What October is to baseball fans or January to pro football fans, so has August become over the past decade for classic movie fans thanks to Turner Classic Movies’ now-annual month-long promotion, “Summer Under The Stars” — with each of the 31 days devoted to 24 hours’ worth of a particular star. It’s been a favorite of TCM fans in the U.S. (and Canada too, although occasionally TCM will have to make a substitution north of the border as a result of rights issues).

Carole Lombard was among the featured artists two years ago, and she appears in just one film slated for airing this month — “Made For Each Other,” which will run at 2:45 p.m. (Eastern) Aug. 24, as part of a day-long salute to the fine character actor Charles Coburn (pictured above with Carole and child). But Lombard worked at one time or another with many of this year’s honorees; heck, she even married one of them.

For this year’s SUTS, TCM is employing star silhouettes as the angle, as in this promo:

tcm summer under the stars promo 2013

Here’s the schedule:

1. Humphrey Bogart
2. Doris Day
3. Alec Guinness
4. Mary Boland
5. Charlton Heston
6. Joan Fontaine
7. Fred MacMurray
8. Ramon Novarro
9. Steve McQueen
10. Lana Turner
11. Henry Fonda
12. Catherine Deneuve
13. Mickey Rooney
14. Bette Davis
15. Gregory Peck
16. Ann Blyth
17. Wallace Beery
18. Natalie Wood
19. Randolph Scott
20. Hattie McDaniel
21. William Holden
22. Maggie Smith
23. Elizabeth Taylor
24. Charles Coburn
25. Clark Gable
26. Jeanne Crain
27. Martin Balsam
28. Shirley Jones
29. Glenda Farrell
30. Kirk Douglas
31. Rex Harrison

Some complain TCM relies too much on the tried and true during SUTS, but if I were running the channel I’d probably blend the familiar with the “obscure,” too. Humphrey Bogart kicks things off with a dozen of his best-known films from 1941 on, and the Doris Day slate for the 2nd includes 13 favorites, including her debut, “Romance On The High Seas” (though none are the early ’60s “sex comedies” for which she may be most famous).

doris day romance on the high seas 00a

However, more than half this year’s honorees are first-timers, including the likes of the aforementioned Coburn, Mary Boland, Mickey Rooney (hard to believe he’d not yet been part of SUTS!), Maggie Smith, Natalie Wood, Hattie McDaniel as the de facto “minority” representative and Ramon Novarro, representing the silent era. And TCM puts a different spin on some of its favorites; for example, when Bette Davis is honored on the 14th, the focus largely will be on her oft-overlooked films of the ’30s.

bette davis 03a scotty welbourne

One day I’m especially looking forward to is the 29th, when the spotlight turns to Glenda Farrell, one of the great corps of actors Warners maintained throughout the ’30s. There’s lots of Glenda goodness all day long, including several Torchy Blane movies and “Kansas City Princess,” which she made with real-life pal Joan Blondell (a first-time SUTS honoree two years ago):

glenda farrell joan blondell kansas city princess 00a

For the entire schedule, visit — and plan your schedule accordingly.

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