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carole lombard show folks cast and crew 00a

Smile, you members of the “Show Folks” cast and crew (especially you, Carole Lombard)! Your film has been chosen by fans of Capitolfest to be added to this year’s festival in Rome, N.Y. (where Lombard is the featured star), replacing “Power,” another Pathe silent from 1928. “Show Folks” was selected over Carole’s second movie for Paramount, 1930’s “Fast And Loose,” which like “Power” will probably find its way to a future Capitolfest.

capitolfest 2013a

“Show Folks” will have accompaniment from Philip C. Carli; perhaps he’ll be using this cue sheet from the film’s original release:

carole lombard show folks cue sheet 00a

Here’s another artifact from the movie, a herald:

carole lombard show folks herald front large

(In his Lombard biography “Screwball,” Larry Swindell maintains that director Paul L. Stein’s repeated pawing of Carole on the set led her to learn profanity from her two older brothers as a way of warding off advances.)

The complete Capitolfest schedule is below; note that “Show Folks” will run at 7:20 p.m. Friday, Aug. 9, following “The Campus Vamp,” a Lombard two-reeler from Mack Sennett. (Carole’s titles are in bold.)

Friday, August 9
noon Flaming Waters (FBO, 1926)
1:15 pm Along Came Ruth (Warner Bros./Vitaphone, 1933)
1:40 pm My Pal, the King (Universal, 1932)
3:10 pm DeForest Phonofilm: Casey At The Bat (192?)
3:20 pm DeForest Phonofilm: A Few Moments With Eddie Cantor (1923)
3:30 pm The Affair of Susan (Universal, 1935)
7 pm The Campus Vamp (Sennett/Pathe, 1928)
7:20 pm Show Folks (Pathe, 1928)
8:35 pm DeForest Phonofilm: President Coolidge Taken On The White House Grounds (1924)
8:40 pm DeForest Phonofilm: Ben Bernie And His Orchestra (192?)
8:55 pm Nothing Sacred (David O. Selznick/United Artists, 1937 — restored 35mm Technicolor print from the original negative)

Saturday, August 10
9:30 am From Hell to Heaven (Paramount, 1933)
11:05 am Don’t Weaken (Rolin/Pathe, 1920)
11:20 am DeForest Phonofilm: Webeer And Fields In Their Famous Poolroom Scene (1925)
11:40 am The Cohens and Kellys in Africa (Universal, 1931)
2:10 pm Lon Chaney Fragment: A Mother’s Atonement (Rex/Universal, 1915)
2:40 pm Lon Chaney Fragment: The Place Beyond the Winds (Red Feather/Universal, 1916)
3:45 pm Broadway Love (Bluebird/Universal, 1918)
4:55 pm DeForest Phonofilm: Sissle & Blake (1923)
5 pm Mr. Lemon of Orange (Fox, 1931, a rare El Brendel vehicle)
8 pm Assistant Wives (Hal Roach, 1927)
8:20 pm The Showdown (Paramount, 1928)
9:55 pm DeForest Phonofilm: Cohen On The Telephone (c. 1923)
10 pm DeForest Phonofilm: Eubie Blake Plays His Fantasy On “Swanee River” (1923)
10:10 pm The Night Ride (Universal, 1930)

Sunday, August 11
9:30 am DeForest Phonofilm: Abbie Mitchell In Songs Of Yesterday (c. 1925)
9:45 am Captain of the Guard (Universal, 1930)
11:25 am The Bicycle Flirt (Sennett/Pathe, 1928)
11:45 am The Bedroom Window (William C. DeMille/Paramount, 1924)
2:10 pm Voice of Hollywood #12 (Tec-Art/Tiffany, 1931)
2:30 pm It Pays to Advertise (Paramount, 1931)
3:40 pm Jack Theakston’s Short Subject Follies
4:50 pm The Dancing Town (Paramount Pictures, 1928)
5:10 pm The Cruise of the Jasper B (William C. DeMille/PDC, 1926)

A delightful lineup — not only are there seven Lombard films (including the Sennett shorts and her appearance in the “Voice Of Hollywood” episode), but nine rarely seen pre-Vitaphone “Phonofilms,” including two with the legendary Eubie Blake…not to mention portions of a pair of early Lon Chaney performances!

capitol theatre rome ny 01a

For more on Capitolfest, including information on tickets and accommodations, visit http://www.romecapitol.com/capitolfest.html.

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