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carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 79aIn what film was Carole Lombard her most alluring? More than a few would answer with “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” Director Alfred Hitchcock certainly photographed her lovingly in that 1941 romantic comedy, giving us hints of the “Hitchcock blonde” she might have become in a project more to his own liking, had fate not intervened.

Now, the image above and five other reprinted stills from “Smith” are on sale at eBay for $14.95 each. We see Carole and co-star Robert Montgomery visit an old haunt, only to discover it’s not quite the same (for that matter, neither is she after trying to fit into the dress she had earlier worn there):

carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 82a

Lombard, no longer legally Mrs. Smith, engages in a spite relationship with Mr. Smith’s law partner (Gene Raymond). They head to the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, looking joyfully down on the crowd as they begin a ride…little knowing that thanks to a storm and a machine malfunction. the joke soon would be onthem:

carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 83a

They dry off and recuperate in his lavish apartment:

carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 80a

It’s then off to the Adirondacks, where she is to meet his parents:

carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 81

But Mr. Smith has headed up to the north country too, and through a series of ruses wins the missus back (as we knew he would):

carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 84a

At last count. the seller has 21 Lombard items available — not just the six pictures from “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” but three images from “Hands Across The Table” and other photos. To purchase them or learn more, visit

Oh, and don’t forget to choose a Lombard movie — either 1928’s “Show Folks” or 1930’s “Fast And Loose” — to substitute for the unavailable “Power” at next month’s Capitolfest in Rome, N.Y. Vote  by 4 p.m. (Eastern) today at
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