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carole lombard the gay bride poster 00a

Following a day in which the U.S. Supreme Court solidified same-sex marriage, it seemed appropriate to have a “Carole & Co.” entry where the topic was “The Gay Bride,” Carole Lombard’s only film for MGM. (It’s not a very good movie, but nowhere as bad as Lombard claimed it was.) This deals with a portrait of Lombard and co-star Chester Morris…

carole lombard the gay bride 27a clarence sinclair bull front

…taken by MGM photographer Clarence Sinclair Bull, best known for his portraits of Greta Garbo:

carole lombard the gay bride 27a clarence sinclair bull back

Bull took several solo photos of Lombard for the film, but this is the first I’ve seen which pairs her with Morris.

It’s an 8″ x 10″ double-weight semi-gloss, slightly trimmed, in excellent condition. It’s being sold for $99.95; to purchase it or learn more, visit×10-PHOTO-BY-CLARENCE-BULL-THE-GAY-BRIDE-/190862478000?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c704a4ab0.

To close, here’s something from actress/activist Marsha Hunt, a Paramount cohort of Carole’s in the mid-1930s:

It’s a song she wrote, “Here’s To All Who Love”:

marsha hunt here's to all who love 00a

Carol McArthur performed it earlier this year, and it’s followed by a conversation with Hunt about how she wrote the song:

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