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carole lombard twentieth century 052a front

Above is an attractive image of Carole Lombard, wearing a gown, from her breakthrough movie, “Twentieth Century” in 1934. No problem with it, right? Well, maybe there is, because look what’s written on the back:

carole lombard twentieth century 052a back

It’s a killed still (though it does acknowledge who designed that gown). But for what reason was it “killed”?

We know several publicity pictures taken for “Twentieth Century” were rejected by the Motion Picture Advertising Advisory Council (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/448257.html), but there’s no hint of nipple here nor lots of Lombard leg on display.

Perhaps Columbia Pictures declined to use it before sending it to the council (there’s no studio marking on it).

However, according to the seller, the marking was written in ballpoint pen, so it might be from a more recent time, and the term “killed” might mean it simply wasn’t used in some sort of book.

We have another image of Carole in that gown, and the differences between the two are minimal:

carole lombard twentieth century 046a

That photo on the top has just been put up for auction at eBay; bidding opens at $9.99, with bids ending at 1:34 s.m. (Eastern) next Saturday. It measures 7.5″ x 9.375″, in very good condition, with some surface buckling. To bid or learn more, visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/ACTRESS-CAROLE-LOMBARD-VINTAGE-KILLED-STILL-PHOTOGRAPH-/151063883319?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item232c1bee37

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