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carole lombard p1202-1163b

…just remember to be on your best behavior! (Recall what happened to Fredric March when he wasn’t — read all the ribald details at

This is Paramount p1202-1163, among a group of photos showing Lombard’s luxurious studio dressing room. Others include p1202-1162…

carole lombard p1202-1162d

…and p1202-1164:

carole lombard p1202-1164a

The p1202-1163 image now is available through eBay; you can buy it straight up for $85 or make a bid, beginning at $49.95. In that case, bidding closes at 9:14 p.m. (Eastern) on Friday. To bid or buy, visit

Oh, and to the seller: The still is definitely from the 1930s, since Lombard left Paramount after 1937 and bequeathed the dressing room to her friend Dorothy Lamour. I have no idea what the dressing room is being used for now (there is a building named for Lombard at Paramount, but it’s on the side of the lot that belonged to RKO in the 1930s), or even whether it’s still a dressing room. While no film studio has actors under permanent contract today, it’s possible such rooms are used by stars of long-running television series made at that lot.

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