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carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 31a

The last of Carole Lombard’s films to be released during her lifetime was the 1941 marital comedy “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with Robert Montgomery, where David and Ann Smith discover that for a bizarre legal reason, they’re technically not married; hilarity ensues as David tries to woo Ann back. A rare artifact promoting that movie — directed by Alfred Hitchcock — is up for sale at eBay.

carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith majestic theater dallas 00a front
carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith majestic theater dallas 00a back

It’s from the Majestic Theater in Dallas, a jewel in what was that city’s “theatre row” on Elm Street. Opened in 1921 as a vaudeville house, the Majestic switched full-time to movies in 1932. Here’s what it looked like in 1948:

dallas majestic theater 1948a

A quarter-century later, the Majestic breathed its last as a movie house, showing “Live And Let Die” in July 1973. The good news is that the city of Dallas purchased the site and converted it into a performing arts center that opened in 1983, seating 1,700 — the only survivor of “theatre row,” although it no longer shows films. This is a photo taken in 2004:

dallas majestic theater 2004a

If you’d like this handbill, act quickly — it’s being sold, not auctioned, for $10. Interested? Then go to

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