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carole lombard 2381a

Isn’t that a delightful photo of Carole Lombard at her most casual? If you like it (and I can’t imagine you wouldn’t), credit my friend Monty at “All Good Things” for tracking it down. And speaking of Monty, since we’re now in March, it’s once again time for this year’s edition of the Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament that he annually sponsors. Carole’s been the runner-up in the 1930s bracket the past two years; with luck, 2013 will be the year she clears the hurdle. (The past two overall winners, Irene Dunne and Ginger Rogers, have been retired from the competition.)

carole lombard 2013 favorite classic movie actress tourney banner 00a

Lombard’s the top seed in the “Funny Ladies” division, where she’ll take on eighth-seeded Marx dowager Margaret Dumont…but that battle won’t begin until Wednesday, as will the other quarterfinals in that category:
#4 Jean Harlow vs. #5 Margaret Sullavan
#2 Myrna Loy vs. #7 Thelma Todd
#3 Jean Arthur vs. #6 Una Merkel

(Lombard outlasted Loy in last year’s division final.)

joan blondell 069a

The other division that starts Wednesday is “Singers/Dancers”:
#1 Shirley Temple vs. #8 Bebe Daniels
#4 Eleanor Powell vs. #5 Luise Rainer
#2 Jeanette MacDonald vs. #7 Joan Blondell
#3 Mae West vs. #6 Ruby Keeler

(It’s a bit strange to see Rainer in this category, as you don’t normally associate her with song and dance. But someone had to fill out this bracket, I suppose.)

However, voting for the other two 1930s categories already has begun, and will continue through 6 p.m. Wednesday (Eastern), at which time voting in the above two divisions will start. Here’s what’s underway:

marlene dietrich 006a

“Tough Broads/Pre-Code Babes”
#1 Barbara Stanwyck vs. #8 Miriam Hopkins
#4 Claudette Colbert vs. #5 Joan Crawford
#2 Norma Shearer vs. #7 Glenda Farrell
#3 Marlene Dietrich vs. #6 Ann Dvorak

(That Colbert-Crawford match is one to watch; both are figurative cinematic heavyweights — and I emphasize that word “figurative”!)

kay francis 009a

“They Had Faces”
#1 Greta Garbo vs. #8 Dolores Del Rio
#4 Louise Brooks vs. #5 Kay Francis
#2 Mary Pickford vs. #7 Lillian Gish
#3 Gloria Swanson vs. #6 Clara Bow

(This division could almost be renamed “They Didn’t Talk” — of the eight participants, only Francis never appeared in a silent. And of the other seven, only Del Rio isn’t primarily associated with the pre-talkie era.)

You can vote by going to, as “All Good Things” is hosting the 1930s bracket. Doing similar duty for the others are

2013 favorite classic movie actress tourney 01a for the 1940s;

2013 favorite classic movie actress tourney 02a for the 1950s; and

2013 favorite classic movie actress tourney 00a for the 1960s.

(As of this writing, voting has begun for the ’60s, and should do likewise later today for the ’40s and ’50s.)

Make sure you vote throughout the month — in all the brackets — and perhaps this indeed is the year that Lombard wins it all.

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