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It’s no secret that Carole Lombard was a favorite of movie fan magazines. Almost always good for copy and popular with readers, Carole regularly appeared in virtually all the mags of the day.

Now, 20 magazine articles on Lombard — most issued during her lifetime, a few coming posthumously or decades later — are available in a collection offered at eBay. They include this 1931 story from New Movie magazine on Carole and her hometown of Fort Wayne, written by Robert Baral of that city’s Journal-Gazette (and check out the photo of Elizabeth Peters from her amateur theater days!)…

…the “Intimate History of Carole Lombard” from an undated Movie Mirror (though with a “My Man Godfrey” reference, we know it’s no earlier than 1936)…

…and these other items:

* “Still A Fan,” written by Jerry Asher about Una Merkel’s admiration of Lombard. Silver Screen, undated.

* “The Evolution of a Bathing Beauty,” photo feature from unknown magazine. (Editor’s note: Research has shown this to be from Motion Picture magazine, September 1938.)

* “Home Maker Lombard,” Screen Book, November 1939.

* “Serious Side of a Screwball,” Screenland, 1938?

* “Coiffures that compliment your type,” Lombard is one of six featured stars, Modern Screen, March 1941

* “How to Keep ’em Interested,” advice to the lovelorn from Lombard, Clark Gable and others, undated

* “Carole Lombard, Loveable Madcap,” Hollywood Studio Magazine, undated

* “Carole Lombard: She Dedicated her life to laughter, love and liberty,” Nostalgia magazine?

* “Screwball Comedy’s Queen,” the Washington Post, January 1992

* “A Gallant Lady, Carole Lombard,” Liberty magazine, February 1942

* “Carole Lombard Betrays Herself,” Hollywood magazine, January 1937

* “Why Powell and Lombard Are Separating,” Movie Mirror 1933?

* “There Are 7 Kinds of Love,” by Lombard, Photoplay, October 1933

* “How Sylvia changed ‘Carole of the curves’ into Svelte Carole Lombard,” Photoplay, April 1933

* “The Evolution of a ‘Wow’!,” Movie Mirror, undated

* “When Carole Lombard Loafs,” Hollywood magazine, undated

* “Shall We Call It Love or Friendship?,” some Lombard but mostly Harlow and William Powell, Screen Book, October 1934

* “Modern Screen’s Dramatic School, the many moods of Lombard,” undated

That’s a pretty good batch of Lombard articles…and it can be yours for at least $30 (that’s the minimum bid). Bidding ends at 11:36 a.m. (Eastern) on Monday. If you’d like to bid, visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/GREAT-COLLECTION-OF-CAROLE-LOMBARD-MAGAZINE-ARTICLES-/281054610919?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item41702905e7. Oh, and if you do land this collection, please share some of these stories with us. Thank you.

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