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carole lombard motion picture april 1935a

Carole Lombard’s fashion sense had been well-known in Hollywood circles for several years, but it wasn’t until the mid-thirties, when the likes of “Twentieth Century” elevated her profile, that it echoed among the general public. In the first few months of 1935, she began to be seen on the “best dressed” lists, and she was chosen to headline a “spring styles section” in that April’s Motion Picture.

The magazine said of Lombard,

“Carole achieves for us perfection in style and we are glad to clap our hands when she sways down the runways of fashion. … Whether or not Carole Lombard has the best figure in Hollywood, there is no one to deny that she is no hatrack on which to hang an old ulster, and that her fearlessness and confidence in her own fashion instincts have put her ‘way out in front of the class. In fact, she rates a Phi Beta Kappa key for that much abused word, chic.”

In addition to style valedictorian Carole, the section featured some fashion poses from none other than Bette Davis, who wasn’t “young and twenty” — she was several months older than Lombard, and turned 27 in April:

carole lombard motion picture april 1935a bette davis

The issue also features Lombard and George Raft in a montage saluting the slew of dance-oriented movies hitting theaters…

carole lombard motion picture april 1935a dance
carole lombard motion picture april 1935a dance closeup

…as well as Carole’s thoughts on perfume, overheard by gossip columnist Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr.(!):

On the cover is the luminous Loretta Young, whose centenary is today:

She’s Turner Classic Movies’ Star of the Month for January, and I hope you’ll check out her films on prime-time Wednesdays going into Thursdays. For many of you, they will be a revelation. (This cover hit newsstands in mid-March — about the time Young discovered she was “a gal in trouble” as a result of a tryst with Clark Gable while filming “Call Of The Wild” in the Pacific Northwest.)

This magazine is being auctioned at eBay; it’s in very good condition, with minimal wear and tear. Bids begin at $44.99 (none have been made as of this writing), with bidding closing at 6:59 p.m. (Eastern) next Saturday. If you’d like to bid, or just learn more about it, go to

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