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Elizabeth Yeaman, Hollywood Daily Citizen, April 27, 1931:
“[Lowell] Sherman is first moving over to the United Artists lot where he has been borrowed by Samuel Goldwyn to direct ‘The Greeks Had a Word For Them.’ This is the Zoe Akins play now current on Broadway under the title of ‘The Greeks Had a Word For It.’ Goldwyn planned to use the title ‘Three Blondes’ but found that this was owned by another company. The plot revolves around three blondes of easy virtue. Ina Claire, recently signed by Goldwyn, will have the starring role, and Jean Harlow, borrowed from Howard Hughes, and Carole Lombard, borrowed from Paramount, will make up the blonde trio. Lowell Sherman also will play an important role as well as direct.”

Neither Lombard and Harlow ever made the film, and it’s uncertain whether they even met each other at the time. Eventually they did and became close friends, something ended only by Harlow’s unexpected death at age 26.

It’s safe to say that most Lombard fans are also Harlow fans. If you are, and live in southern California, we alert you to an event you’ll likely want to see.

jean harlow harlow in hollywood cover 00a

At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Hollywood Heritage Museum, Darrell Rooney and Mark A. Vieira, co-authors of the acclaimed book “Harlow In Hollywood,” will conduct a powerpoint presentation on how Hollywood molded Harlow. This event will include photographs, artifacts and a feature film with Jean. This promises to be both entertaining and informative — a must for any Harlow fan. For ticket information, go to http://www.hollywoodheritage.org.

We’ll leave you with two sides of the early Harlow — first, all glamoured up as the latest sex symbol in a publicity shot for “Hell’s Angels,” then the casual Jean in 1931 as she watches Robert Armstrong and Eddie Dillon play cards on the set of “Iron Man”:

jean harlow hell's angels publicity 00a
jean harlow iron man robert armstrong eddie dillon 1931 candid large

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