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“White Woman” and “In Name Only” wouldn’t appear to have much in common other than starring Carole Lombard, but in today’s entry they do, because pressbooks for both are available. Mind you, to best appreciate both books it would help to have at least a smattering of knowledge of French, because that’s the language both books are in.

carole lombard white woman pressbook french 00a

The “White Woman” pressbook, here named “Le Fou Des Iles” (“Fool Of The Islands”), features a misspelled Laughton and several stills blended into a composite. It’s in very good condition, and can be bought for $49. Learn more at

The pressbook for “In Name Only” also has a different title en francais...

carole lombard in name only french pressbook 00a

…”L’Autre” (“The Other”).

From the same seller as the “White Woman” pressbook, this will run you $60. If interested, visit

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