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carole lombard christmas 03a

For the past two years, our Christmas Day entry has featured a Carole Lombard holiday photo along with several Christmas-themed pics from her friends and contemporaries. We continue that tradition this year, with the Lombard image one from 1927 or ’28, when she was working for Mack Sennett and Pathe and was more renowned for her figure and legs than any inherent acting ability. (That would soon change.)

So there’s Carole…now let’s get to the “company.” We’ll begin with a few of Lombard’s friend Jean Harlow, first from Christmas 1933…

christmas jean harlow 1933

…then, Christmas 1934…

christmas jean harlow 1934a

…and from the last Christmas Jean would live to see, 1936:

christmas jean harlow 1936

Here’s Harlow as holiday hostess:

christmas jean harlow dinner 00a

Now, some Christmas photos from some other stars of the era. You don’t think Bette Davis would pose for a shot like this, but she did — and it’s charming:

christmas bette davis 00a

How about a Marxist Christmas with the one, the only — Groucho? Hooray for Santa Spalding, hooray, hooray, hooray…

christmas groucho marx 00a

The still-blonde Joan Bennett, cat in lap and Christmas storybook in hand:

christmas joan bennett 00

Now, another Joan (Crawford), admiring a holiday wreath:

christmas joan crawford 01

Meanwhile, MGM cohort Hedy Lamarr is photographed within a wreath:

christmas hedy lamarr 00

Alice Faye is photographed with gifts at the door; are they for Tony Martin or Phil Harris?

christmas alice faye 00

Paulette Goddard under the Christmas tree (though we don’t know whether it’s at Charlie Chaplin’s residence or Burgess Meredith’s):

christmas paulette goddard 00

Anyone want to get in a snowball fight with a young Rita Hayworth?

christmas rita hayworth 00a

MGM starlet Virginia Grey serves up some 1935 cheesecake:

christmas virginia grey 1935

Let’s go back to the ’20s for Christmas publicity, such as Louise Brooks with a tiny holiday tree:

christmas louise brooks 00

Nancy Carroll, one of the first stars of the sound era, hugs a teddy instead of wearing one:

christmas nancy carroll 00a

As for Norma Shearer, she made the transition to talkies and became a pre-Code favorite:

christmas norma shearer 00a

And Rin Tin Tin, for a time Warners’ biggest star of the silent era, celebrated Christmas too:

christmas rin tin tin 1927a

Here are a few multiple star shots — first, Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray, presumably for the Christmas-themed “Remember The Night”:

christmas barbara stanwyck fred macmurray 00

From “The Shop Around The Corner,” James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan decorate a store window:

christmas james stewart margaret sullavan the shop around the corner 00

And from a 1932 Christmas party, two actors whom I always link to each other…Ginger Rogers and Boris Karloff:

christmas ginger rogers boris karloff 1932

To close, two Christmas photos of Los Angeles. First, from 1937, Santa and his reindeer over Wilshire Boulevard, looking east:

christmas 1937 wilshire boulevard eastbound

This is a recent photo of Union Station, but it probably had a similar feel during its first Christmas in 1939:

christmas los angeles union station 00

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas as part of your faith, I think nearly all of us would echo the thought of peace on earth that the holiday has come to symbolize. So as the song goes, have yourself a merry little Christmas now.

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