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Among the benefits of the recent online addition of much of the 1929-1941 run of Motion Picture magazine is that it’s helped answer some longstanding questions. For Carole Lombard fans, one is finally completing an article from the August 1935 issue in which Carole delivers another one of her life tips to her many female fans.

We wrote about the article, entitled “Be Modern or Be a Wallflower…says Carole Lombard,” in April 2011, when the magazine was made available on eBay ( Much of the article had been reprinted at Carla Valderrama’s lately silent site, — but we were left hanging because the jump was unavailable. What else did Carole have to say (or, more likely, was paraphrased by author William F. French)?

Now, we have the answer. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the entire piece for your perusal:

carole lombard motion picture aug 1935 be modern 00a
carole lombard motion picture aug 1935 be modern 01a
carole lombard motion picture aug 1935 be modern 02a

From a 2012 perspective, there’s nothing particularly earth-shaking here, aside from Lombard reminding her female fans not to ignore their active, intellectual side. And for many in that era, that was a profoundly feminist approach to life.

We look forward to uncovering more Lombard-related material from the pages of Motion Picture.

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