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carole lombard 1648b

More proof of Carole Lombard’s international appeal can be found in two magazines issued in France during the 1930s. First, here’s a 1936 issue of a magazine entitled Cocktail:

carole lombard cocktail 00a

Inside is a story on “My Man Godfrey,” in which Lombard is pictured with the actor who perhaps became synonymous with the cocktail, co-star and ex-husband William Powell:

carole lombard cocktail 01a

The issue measures 7″ x 10.5″, has 24 pages and is in very good condition. You can buy it straight up for $32.75 or make an offer. Learn more at

Not in the mood for a Cocktail? Then go back a few years, to the start of 1934, for a magazine entitled Paravent, featuring another Carole cover:

carole lombard paravent 00a

There’s a lot of French oo-la-la in this issue, as some of the illustrations make clear:

carole lombard paravent 01a
carole lombard paravent 04a
carole lombard paravent 05a
carole lombard paravent 07a

The back cover features Lombard’s one-time Paramount stablemate Clara Bow:

carole lombard paravent 08a clara bow

This risque mag measures 7.25″ x 10″ with 32 pages; buy it for $35 or make an offer. Learn more at

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