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Now more than three-quarters of a century old, many movie buffs consider “My Man Godfrey” — among the most celebrated films from both Carole Lombard and ex-husband William Powell — to be the greatest screwball comedy ever made. It has an army of fans, and one of them recently made his fondness for the film public.

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He’s film and Broadway star Matthew Broderick, who talked about “Godfrey” with Jess Cagle of Entertainment Weekly earlier this month (http://insidemovies.ew.com/2012/12/01/my-favorite-movie-matthew-broderick-talks-about-my-man-godfrey-with-jess-cagle/). Broderick raves about the comedic talent of Powell and Lombard, also noting the film may have a “slow” pace for many of today’s viewers (huh?). Other than that, I think you’ll enjoy his observations about the movie.

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