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carole lombard 2342a nothing sacred front

Taken during filming of “Nothing Sacred,” Carole Lombard imprints a concrete slab that’s bound for a Chicago movie theater ( This photo, in very good condition, can be bought straight up for $125, or you can make an offer. Go to to learn more.

It’s part of a collection of original Lombard shots from one seller, including several that are relatively rare. Several are from the files of Photoplay, the movie industry’s top fan magazine, such as this one from 1931, complete with snipe:

carole lombard 2341a front
carole lombard 2341a back
carole lombard 2341b back

It can be bought for $150, or you can make an offer, at

Here are two from Photoplay in February 1932, both taken by Otto Dyar (and dig both the gown Carole’s wearing and how it complements her skin and figure):

carole lombard 2343a otto dyar front
carole lombard 2343a otto dyar back
carole lombard 2344a otto dyar front
carole lombard 2344a otto dyar back

The pics are sold as a set for $200 or the best offer. Get more info at

The following sultry shot comes from 1933:

carole lombard 2338a front
carole lombard 2338a back

The markings indicate it may have been used as a cutout in the September 1933 issue of Photoplay; alas, the Media History Digital Library has no copies of the magazine from the second half of 1933, so for now I can’t answer that question. You’ve got the “buy it now” ($150) or best offer option at

The entire collection can be seen at There, you’ll find the likes of this rarity, Paramount p1202-237:

carole lombard p1202-237a

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