Three weeks later, I have returned (ouch)   1 comment

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carole lombard vigil in the night 21a

Three weeks ago this morning, I suffered an injury that caused me to undergo my own “vigil in the night” (where Carole Lombard is shown above). While walking to catch a bus to go do some food shopping, I slipped on some frost, my right knee gave way, and there I was, writhing on the ground, unable to move. An ambulance was called, surgery (to repair a torn tendon) took place the next day, and rehab slowly began.

It wasn’t easy, and the lack of Internet access day after day after day did little to boost my morale. (Not to mention a bare-bones TV system at the rehab facility that was limited to local channels — no CNN, no Turner Classic Movies, no ESPN.) But the staff and nurses were wonderful, helping me to gain strength both in the injured leg and elsewhere.

Now, I’m rehabbing at home (where I was taken Friday); I can use a walker to get around the apartment. Home health care will arrive on Monday to help continue my progress. The prognosis is good, and with luck I can return to work before year’s end. I thank all of you for your concern during this extended stretch where I was absent from cyberspace.

What does this mean for “Carole & Co.”? We’ll have more entries — I may even crank one out later today — though I can’t guarantee I’ll do one daily. But this site is also part of my therapy, as I examine Lombard’s life and times and the world of classic Hollywood.

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  1. Welcome back, Vincent!!! You and Carole & Co. have been missed more than you know!

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