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carole lombard photoplay feb 1931 larger

How did this subtly gorgeous image of Carole Lombard slip through the cracks of history? (I’ve never seen it before, and chances are good that you haven’t, either.) One explanation might be that this portrait ran in a fan magazine, albeit the industry’s most prestigious –– Photoplay, specifically its February 1931 issue. To complete the picture, let’s run the caption that ran below:

carole lombard photoplay feb 1931 caption

Yes, that trek to Hollywood in 1925 was a long one for Carole — heck, she probably had to get transfers on streetcars every now and then. (And the birth reference, “about 23 years ago,” actually came close to adding a year to her age, rather than subtracting; in early 1931, most studio biographies would have listed her as 21.)

Having much of Photoplay from the 1930s online, courtesy of the Media History Digital Library (, has been a boon to Lombard research. Today, we thought we’d examine a few things from this noted magazine during the first half of 1931, a year when Carole settled into life as a Paramount leading lady and also became a married woman near the end of June. Photoplay ran a story of Lombard’s romance with William Powell in its June 1931 issue; while we’ve run the article before (, this is the first time we’ve been able to display it as it actually ran:

carole lombard photoplay june 1931 hollywood's newest romance 00a
carole lombard photoplay june 1931 hollywood's newest romance 01a

That issue also ran a photo of Carole on the set of “Up Pops The Devil”:

carole lombard photoplay june 1931 closeup

Finally, something from the April issue, where fashion reporter Seymour critiqued a Lombard outfit with the headline, “I Approve 7 Fashions in this One Outfit.” (Perhaps it’s residue from the recently completed election season, but the phrase “I approve” briefly made me fearful there was PAC money behind this.)

carole lombard photoplay april 1931 large

However, Lombard doesn’t bat 1.000 here; Seymour writes, “But her hat — not so good, my dear. Its brim is all right — but its crown — too high for now.” Better luck next time, Carole.

In the near future, we’ll have a few Lombard-related items from Photoplay in the second half of 1931.

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