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carole lombard brief moment 16a front
This is rather late for our usual monthly recap, but moving and then settling in forced a delay. “Brief Moment,” a publicity portrait for which is shown above, was how most of America saw Carole Lombard in October 1933 (although several of her earlier films still were making the rounds of movie theaters). But for Lombard herself, she began the month having just completed “White Woman” and ended it beginning work on “Bolero.” In between for her were all sorts of things — including yet another bout of illness.
Carole’s occasional frail nature seemed at odds with her sports background, which dated back to childhood. And to start the month on Sunday, Oct. 1, Utah’s Ogden Standard-Examiner ran a feature on Hollywood athletes:
carole lombard 100133 ogden standard-examiner
At first glance, this Hollywood appears to have come from an alternate universe. The top female tennis player in the film colony is an attractive Paramount star…but according to this story, it’s not Lombard, but Claudette Colbert, who recent classic film buffs really don’t associate with the game. (Colbert also was noted as an outstanding swimmer, and she was photographed in the pool at her Barbados home into her final years.) British emigre Heather Angel was also noted for her tennis prowess. (To be fair, Carole first became associated with tennis through her sponsorship of Alice Marble, but that wouldn’t come for another year.)
Lombard’s in the story, but what sport is she associated with? You’ll never believe it:
carole lombard 100133b ogden standard-examiner
Yep, lawn bowling. And the reference to “trick summer costumes” brings to mind a full-page feature the Ogden paper ran on the 29th, about how actresses gain notice with their legs, but lasting fame with their faces:
carole lombard 102933 ogden standard examiner
Is the leggy, lovely Lombard mentioned here? Of course:
carole lombard 102933a ogden standard examiner carole lombard 102933b ogden standard examiner
News about Lombard began in October with the Laredo Times reporting on Oct. 1 that Lombard met Hepburn in Hollywood. No, not that one…or the other one, whose arrival in Hollywood wouldn’t come until after Carole was long gone. We’re referring to Patrick Buchan Hepburn, at 32 the youngest member of Britain’s Parliament and a former aide to Winston Churchill:
carole lombard 100133 laredo times
Fashion was a theme early in the month; witness this Oct. 2 entry from Wisconsin’s Stevens Point Daily Journal:
carole lombard 100233 stevens point daily journal
A few days later, a Bakersfield, Calif., department store exhibited several Paramount gowns, one of Lombard’s among them, at a local theater, and it was noted in the Oct. 5 Bakersfield Californian:
carole lombard 100533 bakersfield californian
The next day (Carole’s 25th birthday), the Syracuse Herald featured her in a shoe ad:
carole lombard 100633 syracuse herald
Upstate New York’s Salamanca Republican-Press ran a column from syndicated writer Robbin Coons, which included a “behind the scenes” look at “White Woman.” Pity no one informed him the film was set in Malaya, not Africa:
carole lombard 100733 salamanca republican press
And how about this for a “what might have been,” according to the Oct. 9 Lima News in Ohio — Lombard and recently-divorced husband William Powell in the Warners film “Bedside”?
carole lombard 100933 lima news
“Bedside” was indeed made by Warners and released in late January 1934…but the leads were Warren William and Jean Muir.
So Carole never made that film, or the following one. It didn’t stop a Kansas paper, the Iola Daily Register from running an ad Oct. 10 in which Lombard starred in “The Worst Woman In Paris”:
carole lombard 101033 iola daily register
In contrast, the Oct. 13 Tipton Tribune in Lombard’s home state of Indiana ran an ad for a film which she did appear in (the aforementioned “Brief Moment”), along with a Carole beauty secret of sorts:
carole lombard 101333 tipton tribune
In “Brief Moment,” Lombard plays a cabaret singer named Abby Fane. While that was a Columbia film, Paramount apparently toyed with the idea of having her play someone else named Fane. Hearst columnist Louella Parsons reported Carole would replace Gloria Swanson in the Oct. 10 San Antonio Light...
carole lombard 101033 san antonio light
…but eight days later, the Manitowoc Herald Times reported it instead would go to Dorothea Wieck, with Lombard shifting to “Bolero.”
carole lombard 101833 manitowoc herald times
Two days later, Ohio’s Mansfield News noted someone else had been added to the “Bolero” cast — former Wampas “baby star” (now fan dance favorite) Sally Rand:
carole lombard 102033 mansfield news
A 180-degree turn from the sultry “Bolero” comes in the next article, from the Florence Morning News in South Carolina on Oct. 22. It’s an interview with Charlotte Henry, winner of the “Alice In Wonderland” sweepstakes, who notes she hasn’t yet met Lombard or some of her stablemates:
carole lombard 102233 florence morning news
Now to the ailing Lombard of late that month. Word first came on Oct. 24, in papers such as the Mason City Globe-Gazette in Iowa:
carole lombard 102433 mason city globe-gazette
Three days later, things looked far more severe, as reported in Missouri’s Jefferson City Post Tribune...
carole lombard 102733 jefferson city post tribune
…the Salt Lake City Tribune…
carole lombard 102733 salt lake city tribune
…and the Massillon Evening Independent in Ohio, which put Carole’s face on the front page:
carole lombard 102733 massillon evening independent
Everything would turn out all right, and Lombard soon returned to work on “Bolero.”
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