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Posted by vp19 on 2012.10.27 at 00:50

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Add yet one more way to experience “Carole & Co.”, and — by extension — Carole Lombard. We’re pleased (and proud) to announce that we’ve been accepted to join Classic Movie Hub’s BlogHub (http://www.classicmoviehub.com/blog_hub.php).

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As CMH’s Annmarie Gatti explains, “BlogHub’s mission is to create a place where Classic Movie Fans can find the BEST in Classic Movie Blogs and Posts. Fans will be able to easily explore, rate and share your posts, and when they click on ‘read more’ to see your full blog post, the google ‘hit’ will go to you (not to CMH).

“That said, your Classic Movie Blog Posts will be listed on the ‘Hub’, and will also be featured periodically on the Classic Movie Hub Home Page Slide Show.”

There are several dozen members of the BlogHub, all with blogs worth looking into. If you’re specifically interested in checking out past samples of “Carole & Co.” there, simply go to http://www.classicmoviehub.com/blog_hub.php?blog_id=63&name=Carole+%26+Co. and you can see lead-ins to about a year’s worth of entries. Here’s how one entry, a wrap-up of last October’s “Carole-tennial(+3)!” blogathon, turned out (it’s at http://www.classicmoviehub.com/blog_hubber.php?i=7051).

carole lombard carole & co. classic movie hub 00

To those of you in the blogosphere with classic movie-related sites, by all means join CMH. Carole would enjoy the company.

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