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Posted by vp19 on 2012.10.20 at 12:12

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A Brooklyn-based eBay seller named “watchingtheessentials” is selling a number of Carole Lombard photos for the easy-to-remember price of $12.12. All are 8″ x 10″ photographic reprints from the 1980s or ’90s with a white margin, and include p1202-581, shown above. It’s at×10-bxw-photo-CLEARANCE-39-/390484353504?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item5aeaae61e0.

A few other Lombard Paramount portraits of note include p1202-590 (×10-bxw-photo-CLEARANCE-37-/390484353473?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item5aeaae61c1)…

…p1202-742 (×10-bxw-photo-CLEARANCE-30-/370671118656?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item564db86940)…

…and p1202-1381 (×10-bxw-photo-CLEARANCE-38-/390484353495?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item5aeaae61d7).

A total of 31 Lombards are available for this price (including some non-Paramounts). See the entire collection at

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