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Carole Lombard’s career-changing performance in “Twentieth Century” has been on DVD for several years; “Virtue,” another solid Lombard effort, was issued earlier this year as part of a pre-Code compilation. But Carole’s three other Columbia films have been absent from any legitimate U.S. DVD release.

That will change this January.

“No More Orchids,” “Brief Moment” and “Lady By Choice” will be issued in “Carole Lombard in the Thirties,” courtesy of the TCM Vault. All three have been restored and remastered, with Ben Mankiewicz providing introductions (a digital image gallery will also be available), and while none of the three films are genuine classics, all show Lombard’s maturation as an actress.

“No More Orchids” is probably my favorite of the three, as Lombard gets to show off some of her comedic chops early on, and Walter Connolly and Louise Closser Hale are solid supporting characters, somewhat compensating for the lackluster Lyle Talbot. Connolly is also on hand for “Lady By Choice,” a moderately engaging comedy with some nice work by May Robson. “Brief Moment” is probably the weakest of the three, as Gene Raymond’s blandness leads to little chemistry with Lombard (though he got a second chance with Carole some years later in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” and acquitted himself nicely).

The collection will ship on Jan. 21, and by ordering now, you can get it for $29.99, saving $5. Learn more at

And let’s hope this sells enough copies to persuade Universal (which owns the rights to many of Lombard’s early Paramount films) to let TCM spruce them up for future public consumption.

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