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Posted by vp19 on 2012.10.10 at 12:54

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Two delightful photos of Carole Lombard from the early 1930s highlight the latest Lombard goodies available via eBay. We’ll start with this stunning portrait, made by Paramount to promote “No Man Of Her Own”:

This one also has a snipe on the back:

Can’t read it? Here’s what it says:

NEW LINES FOR EVENING GOWNS — high neckline, sleeves, and backless decolletage — all these novel points are included in a gown worn by Carole Lombard in Paramount’s “No Man Of Her Own.” The frock is created in white satin and trimmed with sable.

This is from Hollywood Paper, and sells for $139.95. If you’d like to bid, or learn more, visit

The other photo is also from a seller we’re familiar with, the people in charge of the Lester Glassner collection — but unlike most of those we’ve seen from them, the following is a vintage Paramount original, taken at roughly the same time as the portrait above — p1202-335:

It’s in mint condition, linen-backed, and will cost you $150. Interested? Go to

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